A Journey to remember

Have you ever thought about the Big Boss house? How would you feel if you have to stay, eat, sleep, wake up, live in a certain space for a long-long time? Well, it was not at all like a big boss house but slight a taste of it.

My crazy family and I decided to travel South island during this chilling winter. We were 5 people and we planned a road trip of the south island for 8 days.

Our route was something like this,


We manage to cover the southern part of the South Island. As I have marked, our road-map was Christchurch-Oamaru-Dunedin-Invercargil-Milford Sound-Queenstown-Lake Tekapo-Christchurch. It was more than 1800 kms of a journey and just so you know the distance between Surat to Jammu is approximately 1673.6 km.

My family (Dhabuwalas) is a little bit adventurous. So we decided to make this trip more exciting by travelling in a Campervan. It is also called RV which means Recreational Vehicle. “Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be ‘fun’.” And this really defines our journey with RV.


After the 1.5 hours of a flight from Auckland to Christchurch, we began our journey from Christchurch. We decided to stay at Oamaru that night which is 250 km far from our base camp (Christchurch). We chose Winter season and it has its own limitation and one of those was shortness of the day. Your day potentially end by 5:30 in the evening. So when we reach at our camp site, we could only hear the sound of a roaring sea and birds returning to their nests. It was very difficult to see the beauty of that place but the atmosphere created by natural sounds is hard to forget. The sky was dark and full of stars. We could see the clusters of the stars and the moon with a sound of the waves in background.


Luxury is to listen to the sound of sea waves and drink a glass of rum in your bed when the outside temperature is around 2 degree Celsius.

You might have pictured yourself in a room with three dead walls or some imaginative mind would have pictured this near a window where you can gaze the sky with full of stars and the moon.

But I was not in a concrete jungle, I was so close to the nature that everything else suddenly seemed so negligible to me. I was in my RV and my window was covered with the mist. I went outside and looked up in the sky. A clean, beautiful looking sky.

Everybody loves to be loved by people but some are different. They treat nature as their lover and they feel to be loved around it. They talk, smile, fight or sometimes literally fall in love with the nature and Oamaru was the place where you can feel that the nature is embracing you.

A cool breeze, clean air, sound of the waves and the beautiful sky. What else we really need?

RV is the way to get close to your self at the same time with the people you travel and the nature of our  earth.

A night stay wouldn’t be complete without this perfect bay location.




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