A time traveler city- Oamaru


I did not want that night to be over and hence I decided to go for an early morning walk and set my alarm for 6:30 am which was a task for me but to my surprise, I did wake up and saw outside. It was dark and freaking cold. I set an alarm for 7 am. Again, I could hear only a sound of the sea waves and birds. I slept for another half and hour but it was still dark. This was the limit of my patience and thus I jumped out of my bed (!!) and got ready to get out from our RV. A cold breeze welcomed me and I started walking towards the cliff. As I started walking, I could see a shred of light in the sky. It was like a group of colors-Blue, Orange, Yellow- were stripping away the darkness from the sky.


A group of colors were stripping off the darkness of the night.


A few minutes later…


There you are! It was 8:00 in the morning


Can you see the sunshine at the back?

I was so content with this morning that I was not expecting anything more from rest of the day.


After having breakfast at bay, we headed to the Oamaru CBD. The town gives you goosebumps as you may feel you have reached to an ancient European century.

The town is small yet a lovely place to spend a few days. You feel like to be in an isolated, ancient place to discover the untold truth (about your self perhaps??!).

In other words, it resembles some romantic movies’ set. You don’t have to use different modes in camera or you don’t have to edit the images when you click in Oamaru. It is blessed with the natural lights and colors.

We also visited a very creepy museum called Steampunk HQ Museum. It was full of weird stuff. You can read about it here: http://steampunkoamaru.co.nz/

Some glimpse of it,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I was walking down to a street when I saw a giant wheeled bike. But it was a bait for us. We happened to see a bakery that has amazing bread and baking items. The man who owns the bakery was himself an interesting person. He migrated from Netherlands and started baking here some really delicious bread and croissants.


Our bait 😛


Here is the famous baker in Oamaru



There is a lot more than this!

The best thing about roaming around in such towns is they give you a sense of surprise and pleasure at the same time.

I seriously thought that this was it for this day but I was again wrong. The next place we went was incredible and amazing gift of nature.

Till the next time!


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