Climate Change Portfolio

Auckland has a fine structure for public transports but they are costly, less frequent and time consuming. The limitations of public transports encourage people to use their own cars which increase carbon footprints of individuals. Some of the Indian cities have quite an impressive public transport system which might be implemented in Auckland to encourage more people to use them.


All about Feature Articles

During our first semester, all we did was to find news worthy subjects and write a report about it. But when it comes to feature writing, it introduces us to a totally different style of writing.

Feature chapter gives basic information regarding feature writing. Three kinds of feature writing-news, profile and lifestyle- are explained interestingly. I used to read articles on various platforms but after reading this chapter, I am now able to distinguish between different styles of the articles.

‘Show-don’t tell’ adage caught my attention. I came to understand the fact that feature writing is more than just words. It is about drawing the whole picture in front of your readers. The examples which are provided in every section are quite useful as it is clarifying the theoretical part.

Brief information about structure of the feature article is also informative. I like the way Waikato Times’ feature writer Aimie Cronin quotes about a good feature article.

“A good feature, I think, comes down to a strong idea, a stronger interview, and writing with heart.”

Some tips are handy in the article which is appealing. For instance, the article says ‘features require several voices. A rule of thumb is that you should have interviews at least three people on top of your research.’

The article also gives an idea about structuring the sources in a different section. It is necessary because it has impact on the continuity of the article.

I like the idea of treating each section as a different chapter in the feature writing.

The article gives plenty of information to read, observe and learn different style of the articles. It makes us develop our own style of writing as well.