Vox Pop- Local Body Elections


This time for the Vox Pop, my partner was River. We decided to ask a question about Auckland Future Party. It was quite challenging to have people talking about election and that to about Auckland Future Party as their policies were considerably unknown. Many people seemed to be reluctant for big camera set up. This time, I was the interviewer and River was filming the footage. In the beginning, we faced difficulties to convince people to answer but later, it was smooth. But it took us more than two hours. We traveled quite a bit which was also exhausting. I found students more cooperative than professionals. Students were in fact having some good information. The major problem I later found was in audio clips. With the microphone, the audio become quite noisy with environmental sounds. I tried to edit it with denoiser audio effect and also audacity but the noise apparently cannot be removed. There is also some issues with video frames. Overall, it is not the best work but I learned some additional editing techniques and also an experience for vox pop.


All about Writing:


Photo: Google Images

The best thing about this reading, I felt, is about the very first paragraph about Shakespeare. The way it is explained, using Romeo and Juliet is quite interesting and it swoops in the readers to read further paragraphs. We have all learnt about inverted pyramid for writing news but “Some reporters let the pyramid control the content so that news comes out homogenized” is the fact worth considering.

The process of writing has always been a challenge for cub-journalists. This reading offers a detailed process of gathering information, selecting, writing and editing it. Some information like “The writing can begin long before the writer commits the first writing process as revising sentences… it is done in the head, with the eyes and ears…” is easy to relate ourselves which makes us to keep reading this artcle.

Language of Journalism part of the reading gives the idea of how a journalist should treat the information to make the article worth reading. The reading offers example that helps to understand the information with more clarity.

“When writers write in chronological order, they invite readers to enter a story and stick with it.” It perfectly matches with this reading. The flow of this article is interesting enough to keep reading it. It is step by step and relevant that it gets more engaging with each section.

Style book provides information about a particular organisation’s requirement to write an article but this reading is providing the best general guidelines we have got so far.

The Cat Crusade by Ami and Jessica


I come across a woman who is having 12 cats. She made me curious because I wanted to know how she was handling all financial costs of these cats and living her own life.
I gathered from the assignment that we need to be more specific when we do the video stories. It seems to be more complex in terms of structure because we have to deliver the angle of the story in just a few seconds and we have to be very specific.
The most challenging thing for me was to find a specific angle to deliver in 40 sec. After enough brain storming and with help of Jessica, we finally could make this story news worthy.
Also, the assignment was quite helpful to get myself familiar with the camera gears and also how to select frames and focus on the subject.
It helped me to understand editing software as well. Another thing, I liked about the assignment is that it would help me to visualise my future stories.
I am satisfied with my final video. Of course, we need to improve, but seeing the time frame and News Intensive schedule, I believe we manage to produce a fine video.