The Cat Crusade by Ami and Jessica


I come across a woman who is having 12 cats. She made me curious because I wanted to know how she was handling all financial costs of these cats and living her own life.
I gathered from the assignment that we need to be more specific when we do the video stories. It seems to be more complex in terms of structure because we have to deliver the angle of the story in just a few seconds and we have to be very specific.
The most challenging thing for me was to find a specific angle to deliver in 40 sec. After enough brain storming and with help of Jessica, we finally could make this story news worthy.
Also, the assignment was quite helpful to get myself familiar with the camera gears and also how to select frames and focus on the subject.
It helped me to understand editing software as well. Another thing, I liked about the assignment is that it would help me to visualise my future stories.
I am satisfied with my final video. Of course, we need to improve, but seeing the time frame and News Intensive schedule, I believe we manage to produce a fine video.


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