Vox Pop- Local Body Elections


This time for the Vox Pop, my partner was River. We decided to ask a question about Auckland Future Party. It was quite challenging to have people talking about election and that to about Auckland Future Party as their policies were considerably unknown. Many people seemed to be reluctant for big camera set up. This time, I was the interviewer and River was filming the footage. In the beginning, we faced difficulties to convince people to answer but later, it was smooth. But it took us more than two hours. We traveled quite a bit which was also exhausting. I found students more cooperative than professionals. Students were in fact having some good information. The major problem I later found was in audio clips. With the microphone, the audio become quite noisy with environmental sounds. I tried to edit it with denoiser audio effect and also audacity but the noise apparently cannot be removed. There is also some issues with video frames. Overall, it is not the best work but I learned some additional editing techniques and also an experience for vox pop.


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