Interview with Annabelle Lee-Assignment 4


I was grouped with Laura and Jaine for my last assignment. I couldn’t ask more with this group. We had a nice understanding since the beginning and we started brainstorming our heads for good interviewees. We all had nice ideas but we finally went for Laura’s person. We decided to take interview of Annabelle Lee. She is the producer at The Hui. It was amazing to have her as our interviewee. She was comfortable in front of the camera and very much cooperative. I was the director for this assignment. We, as a team, were great during our work. We discussed the questions before hand. Jaine was the reporter so we made sure she was okay with the questions and I was helping Laura with Camera work as well. Although we had our own duties for this assignment, it was good to see helping each other in their work. Our footage and interview place were good enough to lessen our editing pain. First, we decided the question and answer from the footage and then we edit step by step according to the requirement. I don’t think we had much trouble during this assignment but it was indeed a good experience. It was a good learning in terms of shooting and editing the story. When we edit the raw footage, we could actually see where we can improve next time. I like this particular assignment because of the editing work. It gave us the confidence to operate the Premiere Pro CC efficiently.