…struggling, but I am good!

Apart from having a less-childhood-photographs regret, I was always wondering, ‘what is it like to be born?’

How badly did we struggle that time? How did we feel to be dependent? Who gave us some sense of relief? How were we dealing with the fear? How tough was it to learn something new, something unknown to us? How often did we lose faith and leave everything aside  just to cry out loud?

Well,  I was lucky enough to get answers of some of these questions. It’s been a month in Auckland and strangely I am not at all missing my land. When you are in a foreign land and travelling alone or with your home town friends, you are going to love every bit of a change. Sometimes you may compare certain things and sometimes you might feel blessed to be in one of the top 3 livable cities. But as long as you start to mingle with the youth of your age (sometimes younger than you), you might feel an invisible barrier in between.

Suddenly, the terms like, ‘Age difference’, ‘Generation gap’, ‘Culture shock’ make so much sense to you.  You practically understand the problem of your mom about using Facebook.

You tend to think about the idea of Humanity and so-called boarders that is dividing the whole world. Out of nowhere, you feel old, compare to these rap junkies.

It is like literally opening the doors of a whole new world in front of your eyes and you are not sure how to deal with it.

Everyone is asking me, ‘How are you doing today?’ and I am saying, ‘I am struggling, but I am good.’